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Weston Food Dehydrator Reviews. Our 4 Top Models Reviewed And Tested.

Our editors independently research, select and recommend the best products. Some of these may be affiliate based, meaning we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if items are purchased.

The Weston food dehydrators have been the go-to models for most homeowners and commercial outlets for quite some time now. This is partly because of their availability in different sizes and affordability.

Importantly, this manufacturer offers dehydrators to meet different people’s needs. Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or in between, you got you covered.

Weston food dehydrators come in four designs; the 4-tray, 6-tray, 8-tray and 10-tray, which are all square units.

These Weston dehydrator reviews offer a glimpse of each of them. Read on!

1. Weston 6 Tray Digital - Best Compact Weston Food Dehydrator

Weston 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator

To start as up, is the newly released Weston 6 Tray digital dehydrator. It flaunts a digital display design and a 48-hour timer with an auto switch off the component.

This feature is rare among the older members of the brand. It allows you to walk away to other duties while the machine is at work without a worry.

Another welcoming attribute is the adjustable thermostat. It allows the preparation of a large variety of foods needing different temperatures. Therefore, you got more room for enjoyment.

If you got a liking for snacks, then this machine might be just what you need. It comes along with a solid sheet for making fruit roll-ups. This ensures that you have a constant supply at your disposal.

Its five square feet drying space might not sound that incredible compared to others, like the ten feet square design or any other bigger model.

But it might just be enough for your needs, especially if you don't have large amounts of food to dehydrate. This slight disadvantage is overshadowed by other superior features such as the timer and auto switch off attributes.

Not to forget is the sturdy construction, which promises a long life. Also, its small footprint makes it an excellent choice for those having small spaces.


  • BPA-free
  • Five square feet of drying space
  • A drying netting sheet
  • Solid sheet for making fruit roll-ups
  • Six trays
  • Uses 500w of power
  • Weighs 9.6 lb


  • Durable because of the robust ABS construction
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with a digital display
  • Has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 100 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit making it possible for you to choose a suitable temperature
  • A 48-hour timer with an auto shut off enables you to do other things while preparing your food


  • No observable disadvantage yet

2. Weston Pro Series - Best Commercial Weston Food Dehydrator

Weston Pro Series Digital Dehydrator 28-0301-W, 80 Liter 12 Tray with Timer & Light

Just as the name suggests, the Weston Pro series is a hit on this list. This observation stems from its attributes and functionality.

It has a robust steel alloy cabinet body that can withstand lots of abuse for an extended period. Therefore, it gives you a return on investment.

We are sure that, its up to twenty-eight square feet drying space is going to be enough for your personal needs.

The Weston Pro Series can hold up to twenty pounds of raw jerky, which can be enough for an entire office floor. This saves you tons of time and hassle if you had a mountain to process.

Not to forget is the twelve-hour digital timer shut off, which allows you to set your timings. This enables you focus on other important things as your food gets prepared; a sure way of saving time.

An adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 160 degrees allows you to select the correct rating that is in line with the food that you are preparing. This eliminates any overheating or drying occurrences. Moreover, you can view the drying progress courtesy of the interior lights.

This ‘big dog' is a sure bet, for those who want to go commercial regarding food dehydration, and preservation.

You can leverage on its durability and the five year manufacturer's warranty. We are confident that you can recoup your initial cost even before the expiry of the warranty.


  • Up to twenty-eight square feet of drying space


  • Large capacity for holding lots of food
  • Lightweight
  • Robust steel alloy body for durability
  • A 12-hour digital timer shut off that allows you to concentrate on other duties


  • You may need sheets to place on the grates to prevent smaller pieces from falling through it.
  • The heating element uses lots of power, for instance, 1600 watts.

3. Weston Fruit & Veggie Dehydrator

Weston Fruit & Veggie Dehydrator, 10-Tray (75-0201-W), Ultra Quiet Fan

The Weston fruit & veggie dehydrator is a real ‘bad boy' when it comes to dehydration. It has a combined space of about 10 square feet from the ten trays. It can hold a great deal of meat, fish, herbs, vegetables or any other food you need to process on a Weston food dehydrator.

Its ultra-quiet fan offers a conducive environment to stay or work in, especially if you have a small and open kitchen or office. No obstructive noises coming your way.

This dehydrator comes with a color-coded drying guide that comes in handy if this is your first food dehydrator.

It provides you with instructions on how to prepare different kinds of foods thereby adding more options to your menu. For instance, it shows you how to prepare meats before making jerky among other instructions.

The squared trays don’t need to be rotated while drying your food. This saves you tons of time, for other engagements.

Moreover, you can pull out some of the trays, to get more space (height) for thicker food items. Not to forget is that the trays are non stick. Therefore, no food gets stuck on them. This becomes really easy to clean.

More so, this 75-021-W model retains the all the food flavors courtesy of the 600-watt heating power and fan placed at the rear. This feature allows air to flow from the back to the front uniformly drying the food.

On the flipside is that, it doesn't have a timer; therefore, you have to come back at a later time to turn it off.


  • Has an Abs thermoplastic construction
  • Comes with ten removable trays
  • Uses 620 watts of power
  • A 5.5-inch diameter fan


  • The ten trays that come along with it can carry lots of food eliminating the need for extra trays.
  • An adjustable thermostat allows you to select the appropriate temperature for your food.
  • An ultra-quiet fan enables you to work in silence.


  • The materials used to make the trays aren’t BPA-free, therefore not dishwasher safe.

4. Weston 4 Tier Dehydrator

Weston 4 Tier Food Dehydrator (75-0601-w)

This 4-tier model is yet another one of the best Weston dehydrators for 2019. This unit follows the Weston 6 Tray Digital in terms of size. It features a four-layered design with a drying space of 3.14 squares feet.

The removable trays make their cleaning a pleasant and easy exercise. Moreover, their adjustable height allows them to accommodate thicker slices of food.

Even better, we have air circulating in each of the trays hence a uniform drying of food; therefore, no need of rotating the trays, thus saving you time and lots of hassles.

You may also like its silent operations thanks to an ultra-quiet fan, which doesn't produce any distracting noises. This gives you a peaceful environment to concentrate on other duties.

The low power consumption rate of 250 watts ensures minimal electricity bills thereby making it possible to save up some bucks for other things.

About construction, this Weston food dehydrator for home kitchen features a sturdy ABS thermoplastic construction that allows it to stand up regular usage for a long time.

Its countertop design gives it a small footprint that won’t grab estates in your kitchen. They can comfortably fit into smaller spaces without appearing odd.

Another interesting feature that earns it a slot in our list of the best Weston food dehydrator reviews is that it has been designed to retain the foods’ natural flavors. This means that you’ll be reaping all the benefits from your foods without the need for preservatives and additives.


  • It is a 4 tier food dehydrator
  • 4 large removable drying trays
  • The easy trays measure 12 inches in diameter
  • An adjustable tray height of between half an inch to one inch
  • 250 watt power usage
  • Ultra quiet fan
  • ABS thermoplastic construction
  • Countertop design


  • Lightweight hence portable
  • Quiet model
  • Uniform drying of food due to air circulating in each tray
  • Durable due to the sturdy construction material
  • Does not require tray rotation thus saving you tons of time
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Doesn’t accommodate lots of food
  • Does not have a timer and auto switch off, therefore it requires your constant presence when processing food

Weston Dehydrators Comparison Chart

RankModelVerdictEditor's RatingTimerTraysThermostatMaterialPowerWarrantyTempBrand
1.Weston 6 Tray DigitalBest Compact Weston Food Dehydrator (Our Pick)9.5/10Yes6AdjustablePlastic500 watts1 year100-160 °FWeston
2.Weston Pro SeriesBest Commercial Weston Food Dehydrator8/10Yes10-12AdjustableStainless Steel1600 watts5 years160 °FWeston
3.Weston Fruit & Veggie DehydratorBest Weston Fruit & Veggie Dehydrator9/10No10AdjustablePlastic600 watts1 year84-155 °FWeston
4.Weston 4 Tier DehydratorBudget Weston Dehydrator7.5/10No4VariablePlastic250 watts1 yearN/AWeston

Our Verdict

While any of the models in this list of the best Weston dehydrator reviews will make a great purchase, we consider the Weston 6 tray digital (see price on Amazon) as the best among them.

  • This unit comes with a modest drying space that can fulfill most of your drying needs. What’s interesting is that it can be an excellent choice for fruit snacks as it comes with a solid sheet for making fruit roll-ups, on top of other foods.
  • Not to forget is its average power consumption that isn’t comparable to other similar models. Lastly its small footprint and lightweight makes it easily portable- a great feature for kitchens with minimal storage areas.


Weston food dehydrators are hands down, among the best food dehydrators for the money. They make suitable choices for homeowners who want a decent dehydrator with more drying space but at a cost-friendly price tag.

These units do have adjustable color-coded thermostats which ensure that you don't overheat your food. Most of them use a five-inch fan which is commonplace with pricier brands.

Due to the rear location of the fans, a horizontal air flow is enabled, thus eliminating any chances of different flavors mixing.
Also, the food gets dried evenly, without worry of tray location or the need for rotating them due to their square shape.