Magic Mill MFD-7070 7-Tray Food Dehydrator Review

By Eric Mitchell •  Updated: Jan 7, 2024 •  14 min read

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Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to share my experience with the Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine (MFD-7070), which I selected after extensively researching numerous dehydrators.

The MFD-7070 dehydrator stood out among countless others, catching my attention with its promising features, candid user reviews, range of features, and ease of operation.

Overall Summary MFD-7070 Food Dehydrator – Best for High Volume Dehydration With Even Drying

How I Tested MFD-7070 Dehydrator

I’ve been using the MFD-7070 for several months and have found it to be a reliable and high-performing addition to my kitchen.

I’ve dehydrated a wide range of food items, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and potatoes, all of which turned out well, both visually and in terms of dehydration.


My first trial was with the classic – beef jerky. I admit, I was a bit nervous at first, but the simplicity and ease of operation put my worries to rest. With just a few button presses, I had the machine purring away. The result? Delicious, homemade jerky that had everyone in the house asking for more.


Venturing into the realm of fruits was equally rewarding. I filled the trays with sliced apples, blueberries, banana chips, strawberries, and whole grapes. The flavors were concentrated and the textures were delightfully chewy.

It took around two days for the fruit to dry completely, a testament to the gentle and thorough drying process of the MFD-7070. The grapes proved a little stubborn, but I attribute this more to my novice status in food dehydration than to the machine itself.

Turkey Jerky

Next, I tried my hand at turkey jerky, which only took about 8 – 9 hours to dry out. The meat turned out just right – not too dry, but with all the moisture removed for proper preservation. The flavor? Absolutely delicious!

Fruit Leathers

I also ventured into making fruit leathers. After 12 hours, my peach leather was ready. Though I should have stopped at around 10 hours as the edges turned a bit crisp, the taste was phenomenal.

Lastly, I’ve experimented with both canned and fresh green beans, and while both can be dehydrated, fresh green beans look better and dry faster. Broccoli, whether fresh or frozen, turns out great, although blanching it before drying.

In-depth Review

This comprehensive in-depth review of the MFD-7070 Dehydrator will give you a crystal clear view of this game-changing device. Dive in now and find out why so many users are raving about its excellent features, easy cleanup, and quiet operation

I spent time examining multiple machines and took into account features that experienced users deem essential, such as durability, sound level, and ease of use. My compact living space made the sound level a critical factor. 

Arriving in impeccable condition, the dehydrator was double-boxed for assured protection during transit. Amazon even surprised me with an early delivery! The unit, though yet to be put into action, was unpacked and cleaned according to the provided instructions.

The inaugural operation cycle has been completed, laying the groundwork for the first batch of jerky In my initial impressions, the MFD-7070 presents itself as a robust, quality unit. The metallic trays are sturdy, with the exception of the drip and fruit roll-up trays, which are made of a different material.

Product Features

The MFD-7070 boasts several impressive features that caught my attention. It offers a generous capacity with 7 Stainless Steel Trays, a Digital Timer, Temperature Control, and a Keep Warm Function.

Most importantly, it comes with a Safety Over-Heat Protection feature. Its versatility allows you to dry a variety of foods, from jerky to fruits. Plus, it’s ETL approved, which is a testament to its safety standards.

User Experience

Using the MFD-7070 was a breeze. It’s pretty quiet, which is a godsend, especially when you live in a small space like I do. The controls are user-friendly, and clean-up is a piece of cake. The cleanup process was a breeze, thanks to the stainless steel trays, and the machine itself is easy to handle. When not in use, it fits comfortably into my cabinet. It’s also equipped with a clear, see-through door and sturdy stainless steel trays.

With time, I’ve come to appreciate the consistency of this dehydrator. It maintains the temperature well, providing an even and reliable drying process. In short, my experience with the Magic Mill MFD-7070 dehydrator has been nothing short of amazing. It’s become a regular part of my food preparation routine, and I eagerly look forward to experimenting with more foods.

Performance Analysis

I put the dehydrator to the test, monitoring the temperature swings from minimum to maximum. The regulation was exceptional. I set the machine to run for 30 minutes at 167F. It took 11 minutes to reach the set temperature, with my two sensors recording a cycling temperature range of 156.7F-178.5F. The average temperature turned out to be spot on at 167.5F – I was wowed!

Value for Money

For its price, the Magic Mill Dehydrator offers an excellent value proposition. You get a well-built, versatile machine with user-friendly features and safety protocols. Although the price has increased since I made my purchase, I still believe it’s worth the investment.

Pros and Cons

I adore this dehydrator for its quiet operation, ease of use, and high-quality stainless steel trays. However, it’s worth noting a few peculiarities.

For instance, the temperature control is in 9-step increments, not single degrees, and the time is in 30-minute increments. Also, when you plug it into the AC outlet, it displays all 8’s until you press any button.

But let’s talk about all the pros and cons in more detail:



Comparison With Similar Products

When comparing the MFD-7070 dehydrator with other similar products like COSORI Food Dehydrator or Magic Mill 10-Tray Dehydrator or Septree Food Dehydrator, a few notable differences emerge:

COSORI Food Dehydrator

The COSORI dehydrator boasts a large drying space of 6.48ft² and a 600W power rating. While  MFD-7070 has 7 trays and COSORI has 6 stainless steel trays, the COSORI offers a longer timer (48 hours compared to the 30-minute increments of MFD-7070) and a lower maximum temperature (165°F compared to 178.5°F of MFD-7070).

However, the COSORI lacks the ‘keep warm’ function found in MFD-7070, which may affect the quality of the dried food if not immediately stored after drying.

Magic Mill 10-Tray Dehydrator

The 10-Tray Magic Mill dehydrator is a larger version of the MFD-7070, offering more drying space and more trays. It also features a digital adjustable timer, temperature control, and a ‘keep warm’ function. It’s more suitable for larger batches of food, but it might take up more kitchen space.

The temperature regulation and performance are expected to be on par with the MFD-7070, given they’re from the same brand.

Septree Food Dehydrator

The Septree dehydrator also offers 6 stainless steel trays, similar to MFD-7070. It features a digital timer, temperature control, and safety overheat protection. Although it doesn’t mention a ‘keep warm’ function, it adds the capability of making yogurt, providing additional versatility that the MFD-7070 doesn’t offer.

Specific details about the temperature range, sound level, or power rating aren’t readily available, making a direct comparison slightly challenging.

Sure, here’s a simple HTML table comparing these dehydrators:

ProductTraysPowerTimerTemperature RangeExtra Features
Magic Mill MFD-70707600W30 min increments95-178.5°FKeep Warm function
COSORI Food Dehydrator6600W48 hours95-165°FNone
Magic Mill 10-Tray Dehydrator10UnknownDigital AdjustableUnknownKeep Warm function
Septree Food Dehydrator6UnknownDigital TimerUnknownYogurt-making, Overheat Protection

Please note that the information above is not complete for all products, as some details like power and temperature range for the Magic Mill 10-Tray Dehydrator and Septree Food Dehydrator weren’t readily available. You might need to look up these details for a more comprehensive comparison.

The MFD-7070 stands out for its accurate temperature control, quiet operation, and handy ‘keep warm’ function. However, if you need more space for drying, the 10-tray Magic Mill version would be a better choice.

For yogurt-making capability, you might want to consider the Septree model. The COSORI could be an option if you need a longer timer duration.

FAQs About the MFD-7070 Food Dehydrator

How long does the MFD-7070 Dehydrator take to reach its set temperature?

In tests, the dehydrator took around 11 minutes to reach a set temperature of 167F.

Is the MFD-7070 Dehydrator difficult to clean?

According to user reviews, the cleanup process is quite easy. However, there’s a lip at the bottom where juices can get stuck and can’t be cleaned.

What is the thermal fuse issue mentioned in some reviews of the MFD-7070 dehydrator?

Some users have reported that the internal thermal fuse can trip unexpectedly. This is a safety feature to prevent overheating. If this happens, replacements can be ordered from the Magic Mill website.

What are the temperature and time controls like on the MFD-7070 dehydrator?

The temperature control is in 9-step increments, not single degrees, and the time is set in 30-minute increments.

How does the MFD-7070 Dehydrator compare to other dehydrators in terms of noise level?

Users have praised the MFD-7070 Dehydrator for its quiet operation, making it suitable for small living spaces.


After spending several months with the MFD-7070, using it to dehydrate everything from fruits to jerky, I can confidently say that I’m thrilled with my purchase. I’ve had zero issues with the machine, and I’d buy it again, even with the potential thermal fuse issue.

However, be prepared for some minor annoyances and make sure to plan for proper ventilation if you’ll be dehydrating strong-smelling foods. Also just remember to unplug it when not in use, and you’re good to go! Happy dehydrating, folks!

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