Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Review [6-Tray Countertop Model]

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For those who want to avoid plastic food contact surfaces in a dehydrator, even if they are BPA-free, here at Dehydrator Lab we say that this is an affordable option making it one of the best dehydrator for making jerky.

Magic Mill produces a 6-tray Countertop Food Dehydrator with BPA-free plastic food racks, but also available in its ‘Pro’ version with 6 stainless steel food drying racks.

Key Points for Magic Mill MFD-6060

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Overview

1. Safety

The food trays in the Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the plastic components are BPA-free. As such, this appliance will please many people who are keen to do their own food dehydration but are concerned about using dehydrators containing plastic drying trays.

2. History

Royalux Inc. – Magic Mill USA is an importer and distributor of small kitchen appliances. The stated mission at Royalux is “to provide product excellence and customer service of the highest quality and value”. The company strives to deliver friendly service on a timely basis.

The Magic Mill Pro Countertop Food Dehydrator is manufactured in China, but the product is backed by local service and support.

3. Warranty

There is a one-year limited warranty on the Magic Mill Pro 6-Tray Countertop Food Dehydrator.

4. Capacity

Each 13” x 12” stainless steel mesh tray has an area of 156 sq. in. or just about 1.08 sq. ft. When all six trays are inserted, the drying capacity of the machine is approximately 6.5 sq. ft. If you want a 6-tray alternative, check out the Samson Silent Dehydrator or L’Equip 528 Six Tray Food Dehydrator (which can go up to 12 trays) or Aroma AFD-815B 6-Tray

5. Features:

Digital Timer and Automatic Shutoff

Many food dehydrator reviews point to the lack of a timer and automatic shutoff mechanism as the main drawback in otherwise very popular appliances. The Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator has both of these features built-in, and a control panel on the top front face of the unit which is easy to reach and operate.

The timer has a countdown function which can be set at half-hour intervals up to 19.5 hours, and an automatic shutoff function when the time has expired.

Digital Thermostat

The Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator has a digital thermostat that has 8 preset temperatures that can easily be selected with the self-explanatory buttons on the control panel.

Stainless Steel Food Trays

Another common complaint in food dehydrator reviews is the concern about the potential health risks of using plastic drying trays, even if they are certified BPA-free.

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In addition, these trays can become brittle or warped if overheated during washing. Magic Mill has addressed these concerns by bringing out the Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator with six food-grade stainless steel food trays.

Rear Mounted Fan and Heater Housing

The Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator has its heater and fan located at the rear of the dehydration compartment so that there is no danger of food particles falling into the electrical unit, as is the case with dehydrators having the unit located in the base.

The large 7” fan diameter enables an even spread of warm air over all the food trays, ensuring even dehydration and doing away with the need to rotate trays during the drying process.

Drip Tray

Along with the rear-mounted fan and heater unit, the provision of a drip tray to place on the bottom of the dehydration chamber makes it easier to keep the interior of the appliance clean.

Clear Door

The Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator has a clear door that allows the dehydration process of the food on all six trays to be monitored without the need to open the dehydrator and disturb the airflow. It slides easily in and out of the front face of the unit.

Supplied with

The Magic Mill Pro Food Dehydrator is shipped with 6 food-grade stainless steel drying racks, 6 fine BPA-free plastic mesh tray inserts, 3 non-stick fruit roll-up tray inserts, one pair of silicon oven mitts and a drip tray to keep the bottom of the dehydrator clean.

6. Thermostat Range

The digital thermostat allows for eight preset temperature settings from 95°F through 158°F. There is also a digital timer that can be set at half-hour intervals up to 19.5 hours, and that has an automatic shutoff function.

7. Power Consumption

The power rating of the heater is 400W, and including the fan, the overall power rating is 480W.

The unit is powered by 110V – 120V AC 60Hz for North American use.

8. Dimensions and Color

The dimensions of the Magic Mill Pro are:

The unit weighs 16.4 pounds.

The Magic Mill Pro is supplied in one color; black.

Note that the white model is the Magic Mill, which is supplied only with BPA-free plastic, not stainless steel, food trays (check out the 5-tray Magic Mill review).

9. Pros & Cons



10. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of the Magic Mill have been overwhelmingly positive. One new owner, a commercial fig grower, reported being able to cut 3 hours off the drying time compared with the dehydrator she had owned previously. In addition, owing to the automatic switching of the digital timer, she no longer had to worry about over-drying of her product and was impressed by the 10-year warranty.​

Another owner said that the processing time for ground meat jerky was down to 6 hours, compared with the two-day drying period required using his previous dehydrator.​

Someone appreciated its quiet-running fan and the fact that the door can be removed and replaced without having to reset the timer.

Also mentioned were the easy-to-use controls with a blue backlighting display (although some people would have preferred the controls on the front of the unit, rather than on a raised panel at the back). The same user reported being able to make yogurt in the dehydrator, and that he could fit half-gallon jars into the unit.

Magic Mill Dehydrator Manual

Unfortunately, it appears some systems have been sent out with different parts missing; one was sent without a door handle attached, and another had no instruction manual, so check the contents when unpacking the box for the first time.​

Here is a direct link to the Magic Mill dehydrator manual.

Excalibur does, however, provide excellent backup service, according to customer reviews.​

11. Conclusion

Overall, for the price bracket, the Magic Mill Pro 6-Tray Food Dehydrator has a lot for the discerning dried food lover to like. The stainless steel food trays are a big hit, and so is the digital timer, especially with its convenient placement at the front of the cabinet. The automatic switch-off function is another feature that will be much appreciated.

The quiet operation, clear door, and simple controls make the Magic Mill Pro a pleasure to operate. Its overheating safety protection and the presence of the drip tray and the placing of the fan and heater unit make it safe and easy to keep clean.

There is a larger amount of drying area inside the cabinet using stainless steel trays compared with similar units containing plastic trays, since the stainless steel trays are strong and do not need a solid edge strip for strength.

The Magic Mill Pro 6-Tray Food Dehydrator, with its stainless steel food trays as well as all the extras that are packaged with it, appears to be a really good value for money.

The only downside is that it is only possible to get a one-year warranty, whereas several other manufacturers provide longer warranties or make it possible to purchase extended warranties.

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