Fresh vs Frozen Meat – Why Frozen Meat Is Healthier, Cooks Better & More Nutritious

By Eric Mitchell •  Updated: Mar 31, 2022 •  5 min read

There is debate going on of fresh vs frozen meat, which one is better. Why you might be tempted to say fresh meat, there are a few points which you need to consider why in my opinion frozen meat is better.

Freezing meat isn’t just a time-tested method to lengthen its lifespan but also a great way to keep enough meat for use during emergencies. The freezer keeps your meat safe and ready for cooking. This ensures that if you happen to forget to buy meat one fine night and on reaching home you decide to cook meat-infused recipes, you won’t have to travel all the way back to buy the meat.

Most people tend to thaw their frozen meat before cooking since they consider it wise and safe and also to store it better. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that frozen meat cook and tastes better than thawed frozen meat.

Experts recommend cooking meat right from the freezer as it is not only convenient and time-saving but also less-involving.

Why You Should Freeze Meat Before You Cook It

Here are a few arguments why should freeze your meat before cooking it.

1. Frozen Meat Improves Food Quality

Freezing meat before you cook it deactivates the enzyme activity. Enzyme activity is the process that takes place when the enzymes in vegetables, fruits, and animals activate chemical reactions hence causing premature decaying or extreme ripening. At the frozen state, meat cannot undergo the enzyme activity as it doesn’t have any enzymes to initiate the process.

Enzyme activity can as well not take place when the meat is placed under very high temperatures. That means when you cook the meat right from the freezer, it will cook fresh and better. You won’t have to worry about the meat changing in texture, flavor, and color.

In other words, you will get high-quality soup or drill that tastes scrumptiously. Due to the quality of the cooked meat, it won’t go bad easily.

2. Frozen Meat is Healthier And Nutritious

Freezing is a safe and scientifically proven method of storing meat that doesn’t affect the nutritious value of the stored meat. The freezing process does not affect the nutritious content of the stored food.

You will be surprised to realize that even after keeping your meat in a freezer for a week or so, it still contains essential nutrients like iron, protein minerals, vitamins B3 and B12, calcium, and selenium.

While thawing frozen meat before cooking may seem a great idea, it often affects the quality and nutrient content of the meat.

Thawing frozen meat makes it prone to the growth of microorganisms. If the thawed meat is kept for long before being cooked, the microorganisms will eat up the nutrients present in it making it nutrient-wise deficient.

3. Frozen Meat Cooks Better

Professional cookbooks and chefs have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that frozen meat cooks better and easier. When you cook your steak at the frozen state, you end up reducing the chances of the cooked food changing in color. Frozen steaks don’t overcook in the edges as it may be the case with thawed meat.

Frozen meat as well does not lose extreme moisture levels as it is the case with thawed or raw meat. This simply contributes to a better tasting and fresh soup.

The rock-solid state of the frozen meat ensures that it will cook slowly and properly. Each of the parts of the meat will be properly cooked and issues with some parts being overcooked will be gone story.

4. You Don’t Need To Babysit It

Cooking frozen meat also avoids you the hassle of having to watch over it all through. Before the water in the meat dries and the meat starts cooking, it will take time.

The best part about frozen meat is that it cooks on its own and cooks really perfectly. You will not only enjoy the simple cooking process but also the taste of the meat drill or soup.

5. Frozen Meat Is Cheaper

No doubt, frozen meat is considerable cheaper than fresh meat where you’re paying a premium to get the meat as fresh as possible. The logistic chain behind is really incredible, from the farmer on your plate and you’re the one that is paying all the middle men.


You can always freeze your meat before cooking if you want it to cook better and taste better. Learn here about the differences between freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. The process of freezing meat is not straightforward. If you over freeze the meat, it will take time to cook and may never cook well.

So, it is important to know what should be done when freezing meat for it to cook well and taste best. Read cookbooks and talk with professional chefs to see what they recommend you do in order for your frozen meat to cook well. Don’t forget to check out online guides on how to freeze your meat properly before cooking.

And if you want your meat sliced into eatable pieces, you will need to invest in the best meat slicer. A proper research and product comparison will help you find a good-quality and performance-oriented meat slicer for your kind of cutting needs.

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