The Proper Way To Clean A Meat Slicer And Sanitize It Correctly

Cleaning a meat slicer
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Meat slicers are must-have equipment in modern-day delicatessens, deli, butcher shops, and supermarkets. Used for slicing cheeses, meats, vegetables, and other sliceable foods, meat slicers are versatile and reliable equipment that needs proper care to last longer.

FDA guidelines necessitate you clean and sanitize your machine after using it for several hours.

You may not see it wise to clean your meat slicer every few hours but never forget that it’s the only way to minimize the spread of foodborne diseases and maximize its durability. A food slicer is a huge and dangerous equipment that needs to be handled with care otherwise it can cause unexpected injuries.

There are certain guidelines that should be observed while cleaning this piece of equipment to maximize user safety.

Why Should I Clean My Meat Slicer Regularly?

I know you are a busy person and you may never get the time to clean your food slicer but never forget that it’s one of the reasons your business still exists. Neglecting its health shows that you don’t want it to serve you for long. No matter how busy you think you are, cleaning your meat slicer is a necessity that cannot be avoided. I will give you some reasons you can never evade cleaning your food slicer.

  • A dirty food slicing equipment is prone to rust which can deteriorate it faster than you ever imagined. Since it’s made of metallic materials, it will succumb to the moisture coming from the meat and foods being sliced. Cleaning and sanitizing it keeps it fit and ensures rust won’t eat it up.
  • A dirty meat slicer acts as the home for disease-causing microorganisms. It will more often than not spread foodborne diseases from one food to the other. Customers can easily identify a dirty meat cutting machine so they will stop visiting your shop. By cleaning the slicer, you make it hard for microorganisms to grow. You as well help increase the reputation of your shop.

What Do I Need To Clean My Meat Slicer?

Cleaning meat slicers is a lengthy process. It requires you to use the right materials and supplies otherwise you won’t get quality results. Before you start the cleaning process, make sure you have worn the right protective gloves.

It is recommended you get cut-resistant gloves that are approved for use when handling foods.

Get the best fitting wash and rinse bucket for the job. Fill the wash bucket with hot water and mild detergent. The rinse bucket should be filled with detergent-free hot water. Make sure you as well get the right sanitizer spray for the job at hand.

Tips On How To Clean A Meat Slicer

  • Get your machine disconnected from the power socket and set its blade thickness to zero. Use a paper towel, gentle scrub pad or cloth to wipe out all the big food particles stuck on the machine.
  • Once done, reposition the sharpening stone to pave way for you to disconnect the slicer from the product tray, guard and blade plate. Don’t forget to remove the knife sharpener if your meat slicer model has one.
  • Accurately and efficiently clean the blade. You may decide to remove it or clean it while still held in position. If you are on a low budget, you should consider using a soapy solution of hot water and soap. If you want to get fine and quick results, you may need to use a degreaser spray (buy on Amazon). Regardless of the cleaning solution you opt for, make sure you clean both parts of the blade (back and front).
  • Take your brush and thoroughly scrub all the exterior slicer components like knobs, seams, handles, and screws. Take a clean cloth also and insert it in the area between the blade guard and blade making sure you remove all the remaining dirt particles.
  • Now take your spray sanitizer and spray the sanitizing solution on all parts of your equipment. Carefully follow the instruction on regards to the maximum and minimum amount that should be applied. Once done, coat the machine with a spray bottle and let it dry for some time.
  • Lastly, using your spray lubricant (get it on Amazon) to thoroughly grease all the slide rods on the machine and let them air dry for some time.


If you didn’t have an idea on how to clean your meat slicer, the process of cleaning meat slicers has been presented to you in a simple and comprehensive way. Take your time to study the basics of cleaning and maintaining your meat slicer in the perfect working condition.

It is always up to you to decide what kind of cleaning detergents, sanitizing solutions, and lubricants to use but never use substandard products because you want to save money.