How To Assemble A Manual Meat Grinder – Step By Step Guide, Tips And Safety Instructions

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The manual meat grinder is not a kitchen appliance that was only used many years ago. In fact it is used today in almost every kitchen. This handy device allows users the ability to create and controls all meats. See our take on best manual meat grinder on our review page.

A manual meat appliance is not assembled when you remove it from the box, and many people that purchase the manual grinder don’t expect or understand how to assemble this device.

How to Assemble a Manual Meat Grinder in 8 Easy Steps

How To Assemble A Manual Meat Grinder

Assembling the appliance is very easy to do if you follow the instructional steps, which include:

1. Inspect The Device

It is a good idea if you get familiar with the parts of the grinder. The parts would include the grinding plate, locking ring, eye screw, clamp, hopper, handle, and the auger. The parts could vary as there are many different brands that can be purchased.

2. Where To Install The Device

The device will need to have a 1 to 1 ½ inch table top or counter top to mount the appliance onto. The tabletop or countertop must be sturdy and stable so the appliance will not move when you are grinding.

3. Check The Parts

Even if this is the first time to be using the manual appliance you should always check out the parts. The parts should be clean and dry. There should be no rust on the parts.

The cutting blades should be sharp and not dull. If the parts are not clean, then wash the parts with warm soapy water. The parts should be dried thoroughly, then take cooking oil and lightly coat the parts.

4. Place Handle Into The Grinder Body

Take the handle, then firmly place the handle into the appropriate slot on the body of the device. When the handle is in the slot then it should turn without any problems as this will let you know that the handle installed properly.

Seeing this will allow that the handle isn’t turning properly and it tends to rub on the body sides, then remove the handle and reinsert it as the handle should freely turn without any rubbing.

5. Adding The Auger

Take the auger, which looks like a screw. The auger should be located on the body of the appliance, but depending on the model it could be located out of the handle. The auger should be inserted and it should firmly secure to the body of the appliance. The job of the auger is holding the cutting blades on firmly.

6. Adding The Cutting Blades

Take the cutting blade and slide it onto the auger, then add the grinding plate. The grinding plate is chosen by the operator as it will determine the thickness of your meat. Once the grinding plate is attached by a wing nut firmly, then it is attached properly to the device.

7. Mount And Attach The Grinder To Tabletop Or Countertop

The tabletop or countertop that the operator will be mounting the grinder to should be at least one inch thick or one ½ inch thick. Take a wedge and place it on the tabletop or countertop, then firmly turn until the device is attached and secure. The device should not move at all while you are using it, so it is very important that it attached and secured properly.

Take A Test Run

Turn the handle on the device several times to make sure that the device doesn’t budge or move. The handle should turn easily and there shouldn’t be any resistance with the handle. Once you have tested the device and it seems that is working properly, then you are ready to use your appliance.

That is how easy it is to assemble the manual meat grinder. Once you have done the assembling process a few times the assembly process will get shorter.

Disassemble The Manual Meat Grinder

It is very important to disassemble and clean the device immediately after each use. Leaving raw meats on the device can attract bacteria. Here are the steps to disassembling the device:

1. Helpful Trick

This first step isn’t essential, but it can make the cleaning easier for you. Take two slices of bread (any kind) and run it through the device. The bread will remove any meat that is attached to the parts and body of the device.

2. Unclamp The Device

Unclamp the device from the tabletop or countertop, then remove the device. Remove the cutting blades and the grinding plate. The auger will need to be removed next, then remove the handle.

If the cutting blades and grinding plate are wet and slippery, then you can take a paper towel to dry them, so you can remove them easier.

3. Wash The Parts

First, check to see if the parts are dishwasher safe because many parts are not recommended for the dishwasher. Wash each part in warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly.

Make sure that the cutting blades and grinding plate are free from all meats and juices. You can even use a toothbrush on these parts to provide a thorough cleaning, then continue to wash the rest of the body.

4. Drying The Parts

Drying the parts of the device is one of the most important steps. Don’t let the parts air dry as they should be dried thoroughly with a soft cloth. Doing this will keep the parts from rusting and discoloring.

5. Storing The Device

After all the parts are dried, then take food grade oil and spray each part. You don’t need to drench the parts with the oil, but just enough to keep the parts from rusting. The parts can be stored in the freezer or in a dry and cool area.

The grinding blades can be wrapped in soft clothes, then put away. The soft cloth will keep the grinding blades from rubbing each other, which could dull the cutting blades.

This is how easy it is to disassemble and clean the manual meat grinder and parts.

Helpful Tips

Using a manual meat grinder is not hard to do. With the proper steps and care the appliance will repay you back by providing you with delicious sausages, hot dogs, meats, and other tasty creations.

The manual book that comes with the appliance should be read carefully as not all of the appliances are the same. Everyone should always use the proper safety precautions when using the device.

To keep the appliance working properly you should always clean and maintain all the parts each time the appliance is used. After you use the appliance several times it will become easier to use and everyone will be thrilled with the outcome of the things that you have created.

Meat Grinder Safety

Assembling the appliance is just one of the important steps that will need to be done before you start creating delicious sausages, meatballs, and dishes. Like with any other appliance that you use in your kitchen, you should know all the safety measures too.

This will not only prolong the life of the appliance, but it will keep you safe when you are operating the device. The safety tips are provided below:

1. Read The Instruction Manually Completely

Too many times when consumers purchase an appliance they disregard the instruction manual. The instruction manual was added with the appliance because it is very important that it is read completely. The instruction manual will be approximately four to five pages, so it doesn’t take too much time to read it.

The manual will explain easily how to assemble the appliance and to use it properly. There will also be safety precautions in the instruction manual, which will keep all operators safe when you are operating the appliance along with the meats that will be grounded. Always read and follow the instruction manual, then the appliance will last the owner for many, many years.

2. Never Use The Meat Grinder Near Water

This safety tip may seem like a common-sense tip, but there are people that set up their appliance next to a sink full of water. Anytime there is water near the appliance, then you pose the risk of the appliance’s internal parts being affected.

Also, the grinder shouldn’t be set up near the stove or any heating source. The heat can damage the internal parts of the appliance too.

3. Always Keep The Appliance Clean And Sanitized

If you want your appliance to last, then it must always keep it clean and sanitized. Read the instruction manual to make sure if the parts of your appliance are dishwasher safe. Many of the parts are not safe for the dishwasher and they must be washed by hand.

The grinder should be washed thoroughly after each use. Don’t wait to clean the device. Always clean it as soon as the grinding is completely done. All of the parts must be dried thoroughly, then stored away properly. You don’t want the parts to get rusty, moldy, or mildewed for not drying the parts properly.

4. Choose The Right Meat Grinder For You

If you have decided that you want one of these appliances, then try to figure out which type you need. You can purchase the manual device or the electric one. The manual device is operated by a hand crank that you will be cranking and the electric one will grind the meat for you as it will need to have it fed the meat through the feeding tube.

If you are new to grinding, then you may want to consider the manual one to see if you are going to enjoy using it, then you can always upgrade to an electric model.

5. Make Sure The Appliance Is Secured

When the participant is installing and assembling the manual meat grinder you will want to make sure it is secure on the countertop or tabletop. You don’t want the appliance moving about when you are in the middle of grinding meat.

6. Enjoy Your Meat Grinder

The last thing is to enjoy using your meat grinder. As you can see it is easy to use and in no time at all, you will be creating fresh burgers, sausages, meatballs, and other tasty dishes.


You just learned how to assemble a manual meat grinder which is very easy to do. The first time you start to assemble it make sure you take your time so all the parts are put into place properly. After the first assembling, you will be able to assemble the device within a few minutes and you will be on your way to grinding your meats. If you come across a problem, then you can always refer to the instruction manual that came with your device.

If you have just bought your meat grinder,  you will be on your way in just minutes to making healthy, fresh, and tasty meat creations.

Remember, be good to your appliance and it will be good to you! It will pay you back by providing you with the best meat dishes that will have your friends and family asking: “What is your secret?”.

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