How To Clean A Meat Grinder – Learn How To Maintain, Care And Store Your Appliance!

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Maintenance and proper care are vital for meat grinders. Keeping your device clean and maintained will surely last for many, many years.

Fortunately, the appliance doesn’t have many complicated parts, making taking care of the appliance a simple task.

How to Clean a Meat Grinder the Proper Way

Anytime anyone is dealing with raw meats it is very important that the appliance, surface, and all tools that are being used are cleaned thoroughly.

When raw meat and residue is not cleaned properly there is a chance for food poisoning and bacteria to form.

How To Clean A Meat Grinder

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Washing And Cleaning The Parts

After anyone has used the grinder, then start by filling the sink with hot soapy water. The soap should be an antibacterial soap. If an electric meat grinder is being used, then first it should unplug it before taking the parts off. At this time you can remove the auger, grinding plate, cutting blade, and the feeding tube from the body of the appliance.

Most of the parts of the appliance are not safe to place in the dishwasher as it will discolor the parts. Operators should always check the owner’s manual that came with your appliance to see if any of the parts are able to use the dishwasher first. Place all the parts into the hot, soapy water and let them soak for a few minutes. Letting the parts soak for a few minutes will allow the meat residue to come off quickly.

When the operator is touching and cleaning the grinding plate and cutting blades, then the operator should be very careful as the edges of these parts can cut your hands. Take a soft sponge that isn’t abrasive and wash the cutting blades and grinding plate.

The feeding tube is a little tricky to clean, but you can use a baby bottle brush to get inside of the feeding tube to clean it effectively. After all the parts are washed, then rinse each part off thoroughly to remove any soap residue, then take a soft, dry cloth and hand dry each part, then place the parts aside and then let them air dry, because there are some areas that will not be able to dry with the cloth and air drying it will effectively dry all the parts.

To clean the motor on the appliance always use a clean, moist cloth to wipe down the motor. Never place the motor into the water.

Storing The Grinder Parts

Storing the grinder parts is just as important as washing them. Once the parts have air dried for an hour or two, then you should take food grade oil and a soft cloth, then coat all of the parts. Oiling the parts will keep them from rusting or corroding. Each of the parts to be thoroughly coated, then wrap each part separately with plastic bags.

The plastic grocery bags are great to use for wrapping the parts. Also, placing each part inside of the plastic bag with rice works great too. If there is any moisture or humidity around the parts, then the rice will soak up the moisture, which will keep the parts dry, rust free, and corrosion free.

Now, is when they can safely store the parts. If you have space in your freezer, then this is an ideal location to store the parts. The parts will remain cold until you are ready to use them and when the cutting blades and grinding plates are very cold they will grind right through meats without any problems.

The motor should be placed in a dry, cool spot and away from any water or heat source. When it is time for you to use your meat grinder, then consider using a gallon of warm water with one tablespoon of bleach added. Wash all the parts down with this water and bleach solution, which will remove the oil and sanitize the parts.

Caring For The Blades

If you care for the blades properly, then they will stay sharpened and ready for grinding. Anyone that is using the meat grinder should always handle the blades carefully. This will keep your fingers and hands safe.

Try not to rub the cutting edges and grinding plates. When these parts make connection with another part, then it can cause the edges to become dull.

The cutting blades will get sharper with each use. Over time you may have to have them professionally sharpened. If you don’t want to have the cutting edges sharpened, then you can always purchase new cutting ones (check price on Amazon) from the manufacturer that you purchased the meat grinder from.

One should never try to sharpen the edges with a sharpening stone. You will only ruin them by doing this. When the cutting edges need to be sharpened, then you can take it to a professional to receive the best results.

When the cutting blades need to be stored, then wrap them carefully in a soft cloth. Storing them in a soft cloth will keep the edges from rubbing against one another and keeping any moisture from reaching them too.

Blades: Stainless Steel Vs. Steel

One of the most important components of a meat grinder is the cutting blades. These instruments are what will grind up the meats and vegetables that is being put through the appliance. Which cutting blade is the best, stainless steel or steel?

The stainless steel ones are better performing than the carbon steel ones. The stainless steel option can last up to three times longer than the carbon steel option. These ones rarely rust while the carbon steel ones rust quite easily. One of the downsides to the stainless steel is they are generally not safe to put in the dishwasher.

The most common cutting blade sizes include:

If you have to change the blades on your appliance, then it is highly recommended that as the owner changing the grinding plate at the same time should be done. This will prevent any damages from occurring with the meat device.


After you bought a meat grinder you will want to keep it maintained and cared for, so it will last a very long time and possibly a lifetime.

Unfortunately, many people don’t put in the effort to maintain and clean their appliance, which is why they end up having to purchase a new one after only using their current one for only a few times. This can be prevented by just following the helpful tips mentioned above.

If every owner of these handy devices take care of your appliance and do the maintenance, then your meat device will provide each owner with delicious, homemade sausages, hot dogs, meatballs, and other tasty creations.

A meat grinder is fast becoming the most sought out and beneficial appliance that every kitchen must have. They are affordable and provide families with a way to make healthier and tastier meals in the comfort of their own home.

Whatever your needs and preferences are, you will find one of these devices that will perform wonderfully if you maintain and care for it properly.

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