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Ever needed some toothsome, rich and yummy bites as a meat lover? Then it’s the time to equip yourself with the best jerky gun for your needs. This unique device gives you a chance of coming up with some of the best jerky or meat products.

Due to the infiltration of many jerky gun models into the market, it is extremely difficult for you to distinguish the lemons from the good stuff. We, therefore, did the hard work, researched and compared so we could present you some jerky gun reviews, so that you can comfortably look around and get an ideal shooter for your needs.

Read on to find out what's the best jerky shooter in 2019!

Top 3 Jerky Guns Reviews - Best Jerky Cannon For Your Meat

1. The Judge Gun Review (Beef Jerky Gun 2.7lb by JerkySpot) - Editor's Choice for Best Jerky Cannon

Beef Jerky Gun 2.7lb Capacity Pistol Maker Easy Clean Aluminum Cannon Beef Stick Attachment & Flat Strip Shooters

To start us up is the sturdy and indomitable Beef Jerky Gun 2.7lb aka The Judge Gun. It is crafted from durable aluminum and stainless steel with a commercial-quality standard. This enables you enjoy tons of sumptuous beef jerky together with your family and friends.

A significant advantage of this beef jerky gun is its double capacity. It can gobble up to 2.7lb of meat, which eliminates the need for constant refilling during the dehydration process. I bet none of you likes messing up their hands severally during the dehydration phase. Spend more time enjoying the jerky making process.

It is a breeze to clean up this piece of equipment, thanks to the anodized aluminum body and stainless-steel nozzles. It is also accompanied with a long brush that quickly removes any dirt and residue inside the barrel.

More so, it has Jerkyspot guarantee, which is a world-famous beef jerky store. There are no worries since you got assurance from the experts making it a safe bet. If you get any problems with the gadget, you can return it for a full refund.

Its premium for the carnivals whether you are a farmer, chef, paleo snacker, it doesn't matter. You got covered.


  • Aluminum and stainless-steel nozzles
  • Two stainless steel attachments that is the round and flat ones


  • You can make a wide variety of jerky depending on your taste
  • Durable because of the high-quality materials
  • You can easily twist the attachments to ease your process
  • check
    It is corrosion resistant
  • check
    Double capacity eliminating the need for refills which makes it convenient to use
  • check
    Easily be cleaned
  • check
    Prepares a wide variety of meat including beef, turkey, chicken among others


  • You need to make sure that the nut on the plunger is tight lest it comes apart

2. Weston Original Jerky Gun 1.5lbs Easy Squeeze Trigger - Great For Hiking, Camping, Road Trips

Weston Original Jerky Gun (37-0111-W), Aluminum Tube Holds 1.5lbs of Ground Meat, Easy Squeeze Trigger

Next in line is the Weston Jerky Gun, the original. It has a lesser capacity compared with The Judge, but with the same sturdiness and longevity, having been crafted from anodized aluminum. Its smaller size makes it portable; you can carry it along wherever you want to go.

It has a capacity of one and a half pounds, which makes it possible to provide enough jerky for a family. Get lots of love from your better half and kids as they happily munch away on scintillating pieces of geese jerky, sausages or any favorites out there.

It is designed with stomper and easy to press trigger that makes the squeezing process a breeze. This means that there’ll be no need to hassle around trying to empty your gun.

Moreover, cleaning it is a walk in the park courtesy of the two sets of brush and the stainless-steel accessories.

It comes at an affordable price which can enable you have fun and avoid paying tons of money for your favorite jerky treats at the stores. This makes a perfect way of stacking up some bucks for other engagements.

Also, you can make a wide variety of treats such as jerky, sausage, snack sticks among others.

Even better, it comes with Weston's jerky seasoning which makes it overkill.

It is an excellent bargain for the outdoor lovers. You can grab it to your hiking endeavors, road trips, and camping sprees.


  • Aluminum tube
  • Holds up to 1.5lbs of ground meat
  • Easy trigger
  • arrow-right
  • arrow-right
    Two jerky attachments
  • arrow-right
    Stainless steel double jerky strip
  • arrow-right
    A two-piece cleaning brush set


  • The trigger is easily squeezed
  • You can make up to 1.5lb of jerky
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • check
    Easy to clean


  • The size of the needle is small and might cause some hindrance while pressing out the beef
  • May not drain all the beef from the barrel
  • The quality of plastic used isn't up to per can crack if a lot of force is used

3. LEM Jerky Cannon (model 468) - Best Ground Meat Jerky Gun

LEM Products 468 Jerky Cannon

Last on our list is the Lem 468 Jerky Cannon. Just like its name, this beast can spit out meat with relative ease thanks to the heavy plastic piston comprising of a steel stainless-still rod. It is also built to last for a lifetime due to the quality of aluminum and stainless steel components.

It comes along with a snack stick and original jerky seasoning packets which have simple to follow instructions. This takes your fun a notch higher, you can quickly come up with the yummiest bites.

Its flared barrel makes it convenient to use. You can easily feed it with ground meat without a hassle. Also, the brush that comes with it alongside its quality materials makes it easy to clean.

Comparing its price with the features and functionalities; we bet that it is a good bang for your dollar.

The Lem Jerky Gun is ideal for any soul out there who wants to have memorable treats and it amazingly works with any ground meat.


  • Anodized aluminum barrel
  • A heavy plastic piston comprising of a steel stainless still rod and a plastic-coated steel handle
  • Two stainless nozzles


  • Comes with two bags of seasoning for your treats
  • Quality materials that make it durable
  • Holds up to one and a half pounds of meat, which is enough for a family
  • check
    Flared barrel endings for easy loading
  • check
    Easily attaching nozzles
  • check
    Easy to clean


  • May not be suitable for larger quantities of meat for instance above 20lbs, you may need to purchase a model with a higher capacity.

Best Jerky Guns Comparison Chart

RankModelVerdictEditor's RatingBrandCapacityMaterialWeightDimensions
1.JerkySpot Beef Jerky GunBest Lem Jerky Cannon (Our Pick)9.6/10JerkySpot2.7 lbsNozzles-Stainless steel
Barrel-Anodized alluminum
3.4 lbs17.3 x 10.8 x 3 in
2.Weston Original Jerky GunGreat For Hiking & Camping8/10Weston1-1/2 lbsTube-Aluminium1.8 lbs21 x 2.8 x 7.2 in
3.LEM 468 Jerky CannonBest Ground Meat Jerky Gun9.5/10LEM1-1/2 lbsPiston-Heavy duty plastic with a stainless steel rod
Barrel-Anodized aluminum
4.2 lbs19.6 x 8.4 x 2.9 in

Editor's Choice

Honestly speaking, all the three models that we have reviewed are a perfect choice. But on a thorough scrutiny, we conclude that The Judge - Beef Jerky Gun 2.7Ib is the best jerky gun among them.

You may ask why?

It can store a larger capacity than the two, thereby reducing the need for refills. It is made up of quality materials for durability and can make wide meat varieties.


A jerky gun comes out as a necessary tool for any person who wants to have a quality piece of jerky. It enables you to come with various forms of jerky or meat to break up any monotony you might develop.

Other than a jerky cannon, remember that you can also use a food dehydrator for your jerky. If you're looking for something else, remember to go through our other choices of the best food dehydrators and see what these models can do.