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What Foods Can You Dry in A Dehydrator?

Dried fruits in mason jars

What Type of Foods Can You Dry in A Food Dehydrator?As opposed to your typical food preservation methods such as canning and freezing, food dehydration comes along with its bag of goodies.To begin with, it makes food lighter for easy carriage especially if you are an outdoorsy person. You get to carry it along during […]

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Dehydrator Air Flow: Horizontal or Vertical?

Vertical Vs Horizontal Airflow

Home food dehydrators are generally available in two main types, stackable tray dehydrators with vertical airflow that are generally cylindrical in shape – such as the Presto 06301, and cabinet type horizontal airflow dehydrators containing removable rectangular or square shelves – such as the Excalibur range of dehydrators. Some stackable vertical airflow dehydrators are available […]

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Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Dehydrator. Which Is The Best?

Stainless Steel vs Plastic Food Dehydrator

A hot topic in  when picking the best food dehydration is the question of the potential health risks associated with the presence of plastics in food dehydrators, and the phenomenon of ‘off-gassing’. Even food-grade BPA-free plastics are not considered safe enough by many people. For this reason, they would prefer to have a food dehydrator, […]

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Health Benefits of Using a Food Dehydrator

Dried Tomatoes

Home food dehydration is growing in popularity as people realize the health benefits that come with home-made dried foods, and as a wider range of domestic food dehydrators become available in the market. With the options of frozen foods, canned foods and freeze-dried foods, and the convenience of store-bought dried foods, why is it that […]

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